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Running effective consultations can be a complex and time-consuming process. SmartConsultations is a simple, powerful, and cost-effective tool that allows you to manage all your consultations via a single portal. It’s easy for your participants to find the consultations that matter to them, and easy for you to create and manage your consultation programme.

Create Your Consultations

  • A single management portal

    No need to maintain a separate survey system and website CMS. You’ll manage all your consultations via a single system.

  • All the tools you need to create engaging consultations

    Each consultation can be created with a summary, background, and uploaded Supporting documentation like plans, reports, or maps.

  • A powerful survey builder

    To create the surveys which your consultations will use to gather feedback, you’ll be using SmartSurvey’s powerful, flexible, and Intuitive survey tool

  • Full branding control

    We’ll work with you to ensure your branding is reflected in your portal, consultations, and surveys, for a consistent experience.

creating a survey
collecting survey data

Distribute Your Consultations

  • A single feedback destination

    The public will find all your consultations in a single, seamless, branded portal on your website.

  • Responsive and accessible for the best public engagement

    Every part of SmartConsultations is responsive so it can be accessed on any device: desktop, mobile, or tablet. A high level of accessibility helps people with disabilities respond to your consultations, allowing you to reach all sections of the community.

  • Easy to find your consultations.

    Every consultation matters, but SmartConsultations allows you to highlight the ones you want to prioritise on your portal. Your participants also have easy access to a search feature to find the consultations that matter to them.

  • One consultation can serve multiple communities.

    You can distribute each consultation via an email tool, web links, social, In-person and offline. Responses gathered on paper can be entered by researchers. Multiple Languages are also supported in the same consultation.

Analyse Your Results

  • Real-time reports

    Track results as they come in with live reports, integrated into your consultation management portal.

  • Filter Reports and Responses

    Create filtered consultation reports based on a wide range of variables, including participant data, question responses and more. Save reports as templates for future use.

  • Export data

    Export your data into industry-standard formats for external processing or analysis. Export or print reports directly from the platform.

  • Text analysis

    Easily identify, interpret, and categorise key issues from free-text responses with the Text Analysis feature.

creating a survey
collecting survey data

Engage the Community With Your Outcomes

  • Publish your findings and outcomes to the community.

    Each consultation is set up with a content field for publishing the results of the consultation, and an expected date of results can be set.

  • Results in the same place as the consultation

    The integrated results means your communities can easily find consultation results using the same link they used to give feedback.

  • Participant registration

    Participants can register their interest in being notified of consultation results and taking part in future consultations.

Total Peace of Mind

SmartConsultations is built with security in mind, so your participants can have complete confidence that their data will be safe and secure.

Trusted by hundreds of organisations across every sector.

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Amazing Support

SmartConsultations is designed from the ground up to be easy to use for anyone, without the need for training. Even so, everyone needs help now and again, and we’re here to assist.


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Request a demo to see SmartConsultations in action. We think you’ll love its ease of use and how it can allow you to do more, better, consultations in less time without the need for extensive training.

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