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About SmartConsultations

SmartConsultations is a fully-featured, easy to use, consultations management platform, built with the public sector’s needs in mind. While it builds on our experience in delivering online survey software, and is based on much of the same core technology, it’s been designed and built from the start to finish to be a unified consultation system with powerful survey editing and reporting tools, rather than an online survey system.

We built the first version SmartConsultations based on a request from a client organisation who had been a long-standing SmartSurvey user. We worked with them to create what we’re confident is the best, easiest to use, and most fully-featured online consultation solution available.

About SmartSurvey

Based in the UK, SmartSurvey has grown over the last decade to become the preferred choice of online survey supplier to a vast range of businesses and other organisations around the world. Our UK Data storage, excellent support, and commitment to providing a quality service has made us particularly successful in supplying the UK public sector, and we can count councils, educational institutions, government departments, and NHS organisations among our clients.

It’s because of this expertise and our great relationships with our public sector clients, that we’ve been able to create SmartConsultations.

You can find out more about SmartSurvey on our website.

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